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ConeZONE Wins Awards

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SignCAD Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that their award winning product ConeZONE has done it again.  ConeZONE has won the 2007 Work Zone Safety Awareness Awards Competition sponsored by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association - ARTBA and the Transportation Development Foundation.  This prestigious award will be received by Mr. Judd M. Roby, president of SignCAD Systems, Inc. at the ARTBA Special Awards Luncheon on Wednesday October 10th during Intertraffic North America 2007 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


SignCAD Systems, Inc. is also proud to announce that ConeZONE has won the Roads and Bridges Contractors Choice Gold Award for work zone safety two years in a row.  The Gold award is the highest in each category of awards.  The award will be received by Mr. Roby at the Contractors Choice Awards Luncheon on Thursday October 11th at the 2007 ARTBA National Convention in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


ConeZONE means work zone SAFETY and MOBILITY.  ConeZONE is fully integrated software for designing and managing safe work zones from start to finish.  It computerizes the entire process.  In every case it provides the best tool for the job and each application draws from the same data repository.  Every worker can manage his portion of the project.  Every agency can track progress and monitor inspections.  Precision and efficiency in the project work flow allows for smoother traffic flow and maximizes driver safety.


Mr. Lynn A. Berg, partner and developer of the ConeZONE project, stated ?These awards, four for ConeZONE within two years, are actual proof that we are achieving our mission ? ROADWAY SAFETY.? 


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What users are saying:

"The ability to run through multiple variations of a sign and use them in real time is a tremendous asset."
- Dave Martin, Nebraska DOR

"It's a real time saver. I can do in minutes what used to take me hours."
- Todd Anderson, South Carolina DOT

"It's one of the better purchases we've made. We need more copies in here because we're fighting over it. When it comes to sign design, it's an indispensable tool."
- Wayne Feaster, South Carolina DOT

"What used to take me 25 minutes now takes me 25 seconds, and I can document it."
- Tony Wlock, Manitoba Highways and Transportation

"We have evaluated SignCAD and found it to be the most efficient sign design product on the market. It fully integrates with SignTRACK, their sign inventory system and it is compatible with the ClearviewHwy fonts used by PennDOT."
- Todd Lanphear, Traffic Planning & Design ,Pottstown, PA

"Before we had SignCAM we were designing signs in SignCAD but then exporting them out to another product for cutting. Now we have SignCAM (a module within SignCAD) and I can't believe we used anything else."
- Steve Dahl, City of Blaine ,Blaine, MN

"Before we even got our new sign system up and running we realized we had made a mistake and wasted our time and money with something else; we now have SignCAD/SignCAM!"
- Roque Woodrich, Ramsey County ,Arden Hills, MN

"[After installing SignCAD]...It's just like Christmas."
- Billy Joe DeRamus, Alabama DOT

"SignCAD and SignCAM are user friendly applications that allow the process of sign designing and manufacturing to be accomplished with great ease. SignCAD works well with MicroStation, and when an issue arises the support team at SignCAD has always responded with a resolution in a timely manner. We are also very pleased with SignCAD's recent completion of our Nevada sign supplement to the MUTCD that is now available online. I would highly recommend SignCAD."
- Dave Partee, Nevada DOT ,Carson City, Nevada

"SignCAD is an amazing program. We design all of our signs with this application. It is extremely user friendly and works well with Microstation. We have recently upgraded our SignCAD application and could not be more pleased with its operation. Our designers trust the software and do not hesitate to call SignCAD when issues arise. SignCAD's customer support is unparalleled; they strive to satisfy us in a timely and concise manner. We will continue to use SignCAD and highly recommend it to everyone."
- Brian Berthiaume, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department ,Little Rock, Arkansas